In the last twelve years the Strathcona Community Gardeners Society has done community development, park design and construction, organic agriculture education and wildlife habitat restoration on three and a half acres in the East End of Vancouver - this in addition to feeding a number of households, some of which have incomes so low they would be hungry without the food they grow.

Strathcona Community Gardens (EYA)


Conferences and Events

An online Conferences and Events calendar is available for public viewing.  By default, all events for the current calendar year are displayed - various options for controlling the display are available at the bottom of the caalendar. Clicking on an entry will display a screen with additional information.

Anyone can post an entry to the calendar, although the entry will only display after it has been approved. The easiest method is to use the ‘Add’ action at the bottom of the calendar:

  • update the date and any time information
  • fill in the name/location of the event in Enter text for a new event:
  • add additional information in Enter a URL, or text for a popup window:
  • update the Repeated Information section if appropriate 

Please include the URL where the viewer can get more details, as well as your name. 

Rustle the Leaf™ Comic Strip

This site includes archives of a weekly comic strip, monthly lesson plans, and a bunch of other resources. Thanks to Barbara Ciesla for the pointer!

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