In the last twelve years the Strathcona Community Gardeners Society has done community development, park design and construction, organic agriculture education and wildlife habitat restoration on three and a half acres in the East End of Vancouver - this in addition to feeding a number of households, some of which have incomes so low they would be hungry without the food they grow.

Strathcona Community Gardens (EYA)


Ecological Design for the Toronto Region

This workshop will explore an emerging approach to bio-regional planning that emphasizes the symbiosis between dense, ecologically sensitive, convivial development; sustainable commerce and governance; and connected, healthy green spaces. The workshop will provide frameworks and case studies of both "eco-density" and multifunctional landscapes delivering a wide range of ecosystem services.

Participants will explore the institutional and financial models that might enable what the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority calls "The Living City". Participants will have a chance to test these ideas using pattern languages and "open space" dialogue, resulting in a vivid and compelling vision for the greater Toronto region as it adapts to a carbon constrained, post fossil fuel world.


DX MapDate: February 23, 2007

Time: 09:30am - 05:30pm (doors open at 09:00)

Place: Design Exchange (Patty Watt Room), 234 Bay Street, Toronto (click on image of map for details)

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